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in the Canadian Institute of Geomatics is open to any individual, corporation, educational institution, government agency or association which supports the objectives of the Institute.


More than 10 good reasons why you should join.

  1. Become part of the largest Geomatics and Geospatial Knowledge Network (GKN), a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral, network stretching across Canada and linked to the World.
  2. Make use of the most influential network, over 50% of members are senior managers in the private sector, government, academia and NGO’s. Just think of the career development and marketing opportunities.
  3. Contribute to the Leading national, international and regional communities of best practice. Set the standards for the future.
  4. The CIG is strategically placed for leadership, advocacy, and as conveyor of key agencies; use this power to your benefit.
  5. Use the credibility, the convening power and the knowledge network of the CIG to move beyond the barriers in your own environment.
  6. Be part of this well established revolutionary organization, over 100 years of technology change, combining the tradition of frontier mapping and surveying, with technology revolutions which transform society.
  7. Use the GKN, and best practices groups to accelerate the next geomatics revolution.
  8. Be part of national, international and regional issue, policy and innovation and applications working groups.
  9. Use its opportunities for networking and career development.
  10. Student awards, Internships, and mentorship programs: linking supply and demand, accelerating career opportunities.
  11. Read and contribute to Geomatica online, our world class scientific and practical journal.
  12. Use our certification to enhance your career or business.
  13. Become a competitor for the future: new technologies, new approaches, new standards, new value-added applications, new markets.

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