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Geomatica Award

Terms of Reference of the Geomatica Award

The Geomatica award is presented by CIG to someone who has contributed to the advancement of geomatics in Canada in an exceptional manner. The award consists of a customize sculpture to be awarded by the president of CIG or delegate during the annual general meeting or any major CIG events during the year.


  • Create an prestigious award in the field of geomatics;
  • Promote and support geomatics in Canada;
  • Recognize and encourage excellence in the field of geomatics;
  • Increase visibility of CIG in the Canadian geomatics community.

Nominations and eligibility

Each CIG Branch and sister association (CCA, CHA and CRSS) is invited to submit one nomination to the Award Committee, including a resume of the nominee and a one-page description of the reasons for the nomination.

Nominations shall be received every year, no later than May 15.

Structure and Administration

The Committee shall be composed of a CIG past president as a Chair, the Geomatica Editor and one Council member. The Chair shall call a least one Committee meeting by conference call per year and as many additional meetings as deemed necessary.

The Committee shall make sure to get $ 1000 donations coming from different workshops or conferences across Canada every year if possible.

Role of the Chair

With the collaboration of CIG’s head office, the Chair shall:

  • Prepare a list of candidates;
  • Distribute the list of candidates and documentation to members of Awards Committee;
  • Make a report and recommendation to CIG’s President and get approval of Council;
  • Assure liaison with supplier and head office to customize sculpture.

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