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2022 CCA Conference

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2022
  • Thursday, May 26, 2022
  • Online with Zoom Events

Canadian Cartographic Association Annual Conference

The Canadian Cartographic Association annual conference will be held online May 25-26th, 2022.

We live in a world with complex and intertwined social, health, economic, demographic and natural challenges and opportunities, as COVID-19, wildfires, drought and floods (among other occurrences) have demonstrated in just the past two years. While we are awash with technologies and platforms that continually produce new data on some topics, data gaps remain concerning pressing issues. In addition, we must consider quality of data and fitness for purpose when data are available, and working with historical data that could provide context for many problems and discussions is often difficult. From concept to data collection to designing effective summaries and visualizations, how do mapmakers focus themselves and their audience on the stories geospatial data can help us tell? How does cartographic design apply in the diverse contexts in which location and spatial relations can help us understand our environment? How are design principles applied (i) in the forums and platforms on which our maps now appear and (ii) with the expectations users bring to maps and location?

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